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Wholesale of potassium fluosilicate

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Potassium fluosilicate: Molecular formula K2SiF6 molecular weight 220.27 Implement standard industry standards
Danger No. 2655 Danger Level 6.1 Commodity Code 2826.2000
Physicochemical properties: white crystals or powders, odorless, tasteless, toxic, slightly acidic. Hexagonal system. The specific gravity is 3.08, and the specific gravity of cubic system is 2.665 (17 C). It is moisture absorbent, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in hydrochloric acid. The solubility increases slightly with the increase of temperature. When heated, it is decomposed into potassium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride. It is hydrolyzed into potassium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and silicic acid in hot water.
Uses: Wood anticorrosion, ceramic manufacturing, aluminium and magnesium refining, potassium glass and other optical glass manufacturing, but also used as raw materials for synthetic mica and anti-corrosion materials.
Quality Indicators: Indicator Name Indicators
Potassium fluosilicate (K2SiF6)%>97
Sulfate (SO42-)%<0.2
Water (H2O)%<0.5
Chloride (Cl)%<0.1
Free acid (H2SiF6)%<0.1
Water insoluble matter% less than 0.5
Packaging: 25kg/50kg woven bag lined with plastic bag.
The main content of potassium fluosilicate for mica synthesis is more than 99%.
Good liquidity, strong dispersion, free samples sent throughout the country.